Joint Statement on the U.S.-Israel Strategic Dialogue

Media Note
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
October 18, 2010

The following statement is issued by U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon.

Begin Text:

U.S. and Israeli delegations, headed by U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, met today in Washington to continue the semi-annual U.S.-Israel Strategic Dialogue. The delegations reviewed in-depth many of the issues that affect our mutual security and partnership. The Strategic Dialogue is an opportunity for both the United States and Israel to discuss at a senior level a variety of issues, our respective perspectives, and evaluate their policy implications for both our countries.


The United States and Israel are committed to working together to enhance regional security and stability. The present discussions helped identify ways to improve our already strong cooperation in this regard for the benefit of all in the region. The United States and Israel also reemphasized their commitment to the pursuit of lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and between Israel and all of its neighbors.


While today’s Strategic Dialogue covered many subjects, it is clear that Iran is among the greatest challenges we face today in the Middle East. Iran’s continued noncompliance with its international obligations related to its nuclear program, as well as its continued support for terrorist entities, are of grave concern to our two countries and the entire international community. Continued efforts by the international community to address Iran’s actions through both pressure and engagement are critical to changing Iran’s strategic calculus and preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.


We look forward to continuing the Strategic Dialogue in the spring of 2011 as an important forum to study and address the serious issues facing the United States, Israel, and the region.


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PRN: 2010/1480