Situation in Guinea

Press Statement
Ian Kelly
Department Spokesman
Washington, DC
September 29, 2009

The United States condemns the Guinean military’s brazen and inappropriate use of force against civilians on September 28. According to reports, Presidential Guard troops opened fire on unarmed and peaceful demonstrators, killing at least 157 and injuring over 1,200. The military also stands accused of carrying out brutal rapes and sexual assaults on women demonstrators and bystanders during its rampage.

We demand the immediate release of opposition leaders and a return to civilian rule as soon as possible, a move that the Guinean people themselves continue to demand. The United States also insists that the National Council for Democracy and Development respect the commitments it has made and not field candidates in Guinea’s upcoming elections.

The United States will continue to monitor the extralegal actions of the military and government as well as work with its international partners -- the International Contact Group on Guinea -- to support a peaceful transition in Guinea.

PRN: 2009/975