U.S. Secretary of State and UN Secretary-General Convene Global Leaders To Act on Underlying Causes of Hunger

Media Note
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
September 26, 2009

A meeting of more than 130 countries and other stakeholders to address underlying causes of global hunger was co-hosted today by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Reaffirming the key principles outlined at the L’Aquila G8 Summit in July, the meeting called upon a diverse array of speakers to discuss direct experiences, share best practices, and act strategically when addressing challenges.

Today’s event built upon President Obama’s message at the G-20 in Pittsburgh, that in order to truly end hunger, we must work together, across sectors, at the outset and follow country-led plans.

The L’Aquila Principles discussed were: 1) support for country-led processes; 2) ensure a comprehensive approach to food security; 3) strategically coordinate assistance; 4) a strong role for multilateral institutions; and 5) sustain a robust commitment of financial resources, including $20 billion in resources pledged at the G8 Summit and the additional $2 billion committed at the G-20 in Pittsburgh.

Secretary Clinton and Secretary General Ban will act to move this agenda forward in the coming months. To catalyze coordination and collaboration, while ensuring accountability, they have introduced a proposal titled “Partnering for Food Security: Moving Forward.” This is designed as a point of reference for diverse stakeholders as they align their efforts and amplify their actions.

Click here to see a video the State Department produced to raise awareness about the critical issue of global chronic hunger. 

PRN: 2009/967