U.S. Secretary of State Encourages Use of New Media Communications in Pakistan: 'Our Voice' Cell Phone Social Networking on #7111

Media Note
Islamabad, Pakistan
October 29, 2009

At a town hall today with students at Government College in Lahore, Pakistan, Secretary Clinton announced support from the United States for the first Pakistani mobile phone-based social network, Humari Awaz (“Our Voice”), which will be available using the free SMS shortcode 7111.


95 million Pakistanis use mobile phones, far more than the number of computer and internet users in the country.


Humari Awaz will be available on all five mobile phone networks. The platform will leverage SMS technology and enable Pakistanis to build mobile-based networks around shared interests, themes and subjects.


In addition to linking friends and families, the network will also help a range of other users - from farmers and resellers who want to share market prices, to businesses that wish to communicate with their staff on the road, to news outlets that want to share information with targeted groups.
Humari Awaz participants also have the option to identify themselves or remain anonymous.


U.S. support for the program will cover the costs of the first 24 million Humari Awaz messages.


Humari Awaz demonstrates Secretary Clinton's continued support for using new technologies to create social networks that facilitate more people-to-people interactions.


To learn more about how to use Humari Awaz, SMS “HELP” or “MADAD” to 7111.