The Restoration of Democratic and Constitutional Order in Honduras

Press Statement
Ian Kelly
Department Spokesman
Washington, DC
November 27, 2009

The United States remains committed to help restore the democratic and constitutional order in Honduras in the wake of the June 28 coup d’état that removed President Zelaya and led to the suspension of Honduras from the Organization of American States. As part of that effort, we expect the parties in Honduras to implement the measures they agreed to in the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord, including steps toward national reconciliation and the December 2 Congressional consideration of President Zelaya's restitution. We look forward to the Congressional deliberations getting underway as announced.

The November 29 national elections are another critical step in the restoration of the democratic and constitutional order in Honduras. The electoral process -- launched well before June 28 and involving legitimate candidates representing parties with longstanding democratic traditions from a broad ideological spectrum -- is conducted under the stewardship of the multi-party and autonomous Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which was also selected before the coup. The electoral renewal of presidential, congressional and mayoral mandates, enshrined in the Honduran constitution, is an inalienable expression of the sovereign will of the citizens of Honduras. We wish the Honduran people well as they choose their new leaders on Sunday, and we urge all sides to exercise their rights peacefully.

The holding of a free, fair and transparent election is necessary but not sufficient for Honduras to reestablish the democratic and constitutional order. In order to help achieve that objective, we will continue, along with others in the Americas, to support the step-by-step implementation of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord as a democratic way forward for the Honduran people. The president-elect who emerges from an election deemed free and fair will have a unique opportunity to promote that vital mission.

PRN: 2009/1183