Status of U.S.-India Reprocessing Agreement Negotiations (Taken Question)

Taken Question
Washington, DC
November 25, 2009

Question: What is the status of the reprocessing agreement with India? Has it been discussed during Prime Minister Singh’s visit? Why hasn’t the U.S. approved it yet, and what’s the outlook for approval going forward? What is the process for this approval, and who is the final approval authority?


Answer: The U.S. and India continue to negotiate reprocessing arrangements and procedures as provided for by Article 6 (iii) of the U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement.

The President and Prime Minister Singh discussed their mutual commitment to implementing the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative. In this connection, the United States is confident that the arrangements and procedures will be concluded well in advance of the August 2010 deadline.

PRN: 2009/1178