U.S.-South Africa Nonproliferation Consultations

Media Note
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
November 24, 2009

U.S. and South African officials recently discussed a broad array of nonproliferation-related issues, including nonproliferation challenges, nuclear security and smuggling, export controls, biosafety and biosecurity, and cooperation on nuclear energy, during meetings November 9-12 in Pretoria, South Africa. State Department Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs, Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, led the U.S. interagency delegation. These meetings, which followed the August launch of the U.S.-South Africa Nonproliferation and Disarmament dialogue led on the U.S. side by Special Advisor for Nonproliferation and Arms Control Robert Einhorn, marked another positive step in U.S.-South Africa bilateral efforts to collaborate more closely on our commonly held nonproliferation and disarmament objectives.

PRN: 2009/1171