North Korea Sanctions: Resolution 1718 Versus Resolution 1874

Fact Sheet
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
June 12, 2009


Resolution 1718

Resolution 1874*



Ban  on the transfer to and from North Korea of:

1) enumerated categories of weapons (e.g., tanks) and

2) WMD- and ballistic missile-related goods, and   luxury goods (to DPRK)

·     Ban on all arms transfers from the DPRK. 

·     Ban on all arms transfers to the DPRK, except for small arms and light weapons.

·     Requirement that states notify the DPRK Sanctions Committee before transferring small arms / light weapons to North Korea.


A call on states to take cooperative action, including through inspection of cargo to/from North Korea, to ensure compliance with the sanctions.

·     A call on states to conduct inspections on their territory when there are "reasonable grounds" that banned cargo is on a ship.

·     A call on states to consent to inspections on the high seas of their flag vessels where such grounds exist.

·     Obligation on flag states to direct their vessels to an appropriate and convenient port for inspection if the flag states refuse to grant consent for such an inspection on the high seas.

·     New transparency requirements for states to report on their inspections and to report when other states deny permission to inspect ships. 

·     Obligation and authorization for states to seize and dispose of banned cargo.

·     Obligation on states not to provide support (e.g., fuel, water) to vessels suspected of carrying banned cargo (unless necessary for humanitarian purposes ).

Financial measures

Asset freeze (but only for individuals/entities designated by the Committee). 


·     A call on states not to provide grants, assistance, loans or public financial support for trade if such assistance could contribute to North Korea’s proliferation efforts.

·     A call on states to deny financial services, including by freezing assets, where such assets could contribute to prohibited DPRK programs (even in the absence of an explicit Committee designation).

* Note that 1874 measures are cumulative, and that 1718 measures (e.g., asset freeze on designated entities, bans on listed items, luxury goods) remain in effect.

PRN: 2009/590