The State Department and USAID Budget

Fact Sheet
Bureau of Public Affairs
April 10, 2013


"There is no longer anything foreign about foreign policy. More than ever before, the decisions that we make from the safety of our shores don't just ripple outward; they also create a current right here in America."
-- Secretary of State John Kerry

With just over one percent of the federal budget, the State Department and USAID budget advances U.S. national security, protects Americans at home and abroad, opens markets overseas, fights disease, hunger and extreme poverty, creates American jobs, forges global partnerships and delivers real results for the American people.

The FY2014 budget request of $47.8 billion supports U.S. engagement in over 180 countries, and provides the people and programs necessary to protect U.S. interests, promote peace and ensure America’s leadership in the world.

Advancing Peace, Security and Stability

  • Supports countries that are moving toward the democratic and economic reforms necessary to provide lasting regional stability in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Rebalances our relationships across Asia Pacific, strengthening multilateral engagement, enhancing security cooperation, supporting democracy and human rights and tapping into the region’s growing markets vital to U.S. economic recovery
  • Right-sizes our presence and programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, sustaining and building upon the hard fought security, economic and political gains of the last decade
  • Helps counter and undermine violent extremism
  • Contains conflicts, prevents wars, reduces the threat of nuclear weapons, advances civilian power and secures our borders

Strengthening Our Economy While Combating Global Challenges

  • Promotes U.S. exports and helps U.S. companies navigate foreign regulations, settle disputes, and compete for foreign government and private contracts
  • Negotiates international agreements and treaties to open new markets for American goods and services; and attracts foreign investment to the United States
  • Reforms food aid and breaks the cycle of poverty by fighting disease and hunger, invests in global health and provides assistance to foster stability
  • Promotes low-emission, climate resilient development to regional leaders in their transition to clean energy
  • Defends the universal rights of all people and aims to help everyone—including women and girls—realize their potential with dignity

Our People and Platform

  • Supports ongoing operations for diplomatic and development personnel and programs worldwide at more than 280 posts in over 180 countries around the globe
  • Ensures the protection of all of U.S. government employees abroad and increases security at high-threat posts
  • Supports academic programs, people-to-people exchanges, and continued growth for strategic partnerships

Real Results for the American People