A Discussion on the U.S. Engagement With Muslim Communities

Office of Public Liaison
Bureau of Public Affairs
July 9, 2010

Steven Clemons, Director of the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program held a conversation with Farah Pandith, Special Representative to Muslim Communities, on the United States’ engagement with Muslim communities around the world. Members of the public had the opportunity to participate through the submission of questions, some of which were selected for response during the live broadcast.   "The Washington NoteVideo»  Transcript»  DipNote Blog: Submitted Questions»

 Date: 07/07/2010 Description: Conversation with America:  ''A Discussion on the U.S. Engagement with Muslim Communities''   - State Dept Image

This was the third in the new Conversations With America video series recently launched by the Bureau of Public Affairs in which the State Department's senior leadership holds monthly conversations live online with leaders of prominent non-governmental organizations. Discussion topics include foreign policy and global issues. The forums provide views of how leaders from the foreign affairs community engage the Department on pressing foreign policy issues and how both the U.S. government and civil society are working across the globe on issues that concern Americans most. 

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