Date: 11/05/2013 Description: Florida state seal © Public Domain
Date: 11/05/2013 Description: Florida state flag © Public Domain

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Learn about the Department’s role in the acquisition of Florida: Treaty of Adams-Onis (1819) and Transcontinental Treaty. More»

For about a 1% investment of the Federal budget, the State Department yields a large return for the American people by advancing U.S. national security, promoting our economic interests, providing services, and reaffirming our country’s exceptional role in the world. Read on to learn how the work of the Department benefits this state’s residents.


  • Jobs and Diplomacy

    • In partnership with agencies across the federal government, the Department of State advances U.S. trade policy objectives by opening new export and job opportunities for American businesses and workers through trade initiatives. In Florida, approximately 270,000 U.S. jobs were supported by goods exports (2014) and foreign direct investment supported about 261,000 U.S. jobs (2013). This resulted in $53.8 billion in goods exports from Florida (2015). (EB) More»

    • The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cuba to allow scheduled flights between our two countries, which led to the introduction in 2016 of 137 weekly scheduled round-trip flights by U.S. airlines between Florida airports and Cuba, with a capacity of over 2300 passengers per day each way. Significant additional flights are expected to be introduced in 2017 also as a result of the MoU. (EB) More»

    • Two of the 2015-2016 Veterans Innovation Partnership (VIP) fellows are from Florida. The partnership offers U.S. citizen veterans of the American armed forces a one-year paid fellowship to gain experience by working in a U.S. Government international affairs agency. More information on the partnership is available here. (S/GP)

    • U.S. Embassy – Haiti hosted the first-ever trade delegation from Miami-Dade county, and organizers reported that the mission had resulted in $1.5 million in new exports. (S/HSC) More»

    • The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs assisted Florida-based APR Energy with the signing of a 40MW cross-border contract with the government of Mali to address expected power shortages in the country. (EB) More»

    • The Department supports the SelectUSA initiative, which facilitated Brazilian company Destilaria C&J a $7 million investment in Florida which created 60 new jobs. SelectUSA is a President Obama initiative that promotes and facilitates investment in the United States as an engine for job growth and economic development. (EB) More»

    • Florida hosted foreign physicians, teachers, camp counselors, au pairs and others as part of work and study-based international exchange visitor programs. (ECA) More»

    • The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) contributed more than $55 million to the economy of Florida through contracts and federal grants that directly supported INL missions. (INL) More»

    • The Bureau of Diplomatic Security provided approximately $44,000 to Florida-based vendors for procurement of goods and services (DS) More»

    • Three partnership plans were created under the Florida-based Small Business Network of the Americas International Sister Center Program with Canada, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. (WHA) More»

    • Natural Sins, a company founded by partners from Florida and Costa Rica, won the grand prize in the La Idea Business Competition. Diseclar, Efficient Systems, and Partnetting, founded by partners from Florida and Colombia, were among sixteen finalists in the La Idea Business Competition. La Idea is a component of the Small Business Network of the Americas that connects Latin America diaspora in the U.S. with entrepreneurs throughout Latin America to help them cultivate and grow their businesses. (WHA) More»

    • Click here for more information about Department career recruitment events in Florida (HR).

  • Education

    • Fulbright Scholarships Awards: 121 Scholars, Students and Teachers from Florida (ECA) More»

    • Diplomats-in-Residence (Amy Radetsky – Northern Florida; Catherine Rodriguez – Southern Florida): Diplomats in Residence (DIRs) are career Foreign Service Officers located throughout the U.S. who provide guidance and advice to students, professionals and the community about Department careers. (HR) More»

    • Two high school students from Florida participated in the first-ever WiSci Girls STEAM Camp in Gashora, Rwanda, which brought 30 American and 90 African girls together for a three week curriculum in computer science, robotics, leadership, and social enterprise during summer 2015. Part of the Let Girls Learn Initiative, the goal of WiSci is to empower young women with the knowledge and skillsets to be competitive with their male counterparts during a time of rapid, technological development, providing them with access to high-tech resources, like-minded peers, impactful business connections and inspiring mentors. Learn more about WiSci here. (S/GP)

    • 768 exchange visitors from overseas visited Florida and 380 Florida residents travelled overseas as part of Department of State exchange programs. (ECA) More»

    • The Department provided grant funding to Miami Dade College to host Community College Initiative (CCI) Program participants from Nairobi. The program helps raise the profile of U.S. community colleges as prime motivators and initiators of higher education globally. (AF) More»

    • 261 Brazilian students attended several educational institutions in Florida through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. This program is funded by the Brazilian government and the private sector and sends 101,000 Brazilian university students of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to study and conduct research abroad. The U.S. is a priority destination for scholarship recipients, and the program strengthens U.S. and Brazilian institutional partnerships, develops a workforce prepared for 21st century opportunities, and contributes to long-term economic growth for both countries. (WHA) More»

    • The Department of State hosted an International Virtual College Fair in 2013 to celebrate International Education Week and the $29 billion international student industry in the United States. The event featured colleges and universities from across the United States and had more than 22,000 potential students from 206 countries in attendance who completed nearly 55,000 visits to the virtual university booths. Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Miami Dade College, Nova Southeastern University, University of Florida, and Valencia College participated in the Virtual College Fair. (IIP) More»

  • Partnerships

    • Florida hosted 188 students from allied and friendly nations for International Military Education and Training. (PM) More»

    • The Department of State facilitates the Florida National Guard’s State Partnership Program with Guyana, founded in 2003. (PM) More»

    • Under the U.S. Department of State’s U.S. Speaker Program, James Cannady, professor of Information Assurance at the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Nova Southeastern University (NSU), participated in a conference on cybersecurity sponsored by ADA University in Azerbaijan (formerly known as the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy). As a result of Cannady’s visit, ADA and NSU are working to establish a joint graduate degree program in information security. ADA students would participate in a Masters program split between the universities, and would then transition to the Ph.D. program at NSU. This benefits both schools by allowing ADA to develop the next generation of faculty and researchers while allowing NSU to access high-caliber students for its programs. (IIP) More»

    • Under the U.S. Department of State’s U.S. Speaker Program, Professor Fabio Naranjo of Barry University consulted with NGO leaders in Ecuador on fundraising, management, and capacity-building for their organizations. As a result of his meetings and workshops, Naranjo has maintained regular correspondence with many of the organizations and established mentoring relationships with several of the more active leaders, assisting them with resource opportunities and focused research on organizational capacity-building strategies for their groups. One individual from Guayaquil met with Naranjo in Florida to discuss the work of her NGO, and to talk about training and educational exchange opportunities at Barry University and elsewhere in the United States. (IIP) More»

    • Refugee Arrivals in 2015: 2,309. The Department works with nine domestic nongovernmental organizations, which place refugees in over 300 affiliated offices in roughly 180 communities around the country. These local offices work closely with community partners, congregations, volunteers, and state and local officials to provide a successful start for refugees rebuilding their lives. Refugee communities have historically enhanced the economic dynamism and cultural vitality of our nation. Refugees contribute to the United States in numerous ways, including by starting businesses and joining the U.S. military. (PRM) More»

    • The Department of State’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of the Foreign Policy Advisor program has 16 Foreign Policy Advisor (POLAD) positions concentrated mostly in Tampa and Miami, with a few other positions in the Panhandle, South Florida, and Key Way areas supporting U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), and other commands. POLADs are U.S. diplomats that serve typically two year tours at U.S. military commands and provide foreign policy advice to senior military leadership. (PM) More»

    • The Venture Hive tech hub in Miami was one of twelve hosts for the 2nd annual Fishackathon, which took place in June 2015. Fishackathon is a public-private partnership launched by the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships (S/GP) to use technology to create innovative solutions for the sustainable management of fisheries and the protection of our oceans. The annual Fishackathon event calls on coders from all around the world to come together for a weekend of work to create new applications, tools, and prototypes that will be deployed on multiple platforms to help fishers work smarter and more safely in sustainable fishing. Learn more about Fishackathon here. (S/GP)

    • Florida International University in Miami is a participating school in the Diplomacy Lab partnership led by the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships. Diplomacy Lab is a public-private partnership that enables the State Department to "course-source" research and innovation related to foreign policy challenges by harnessing the efforts of students and faculty experts at universities across the country. Learn more about Diplomacy Lab here. (S/GP)

    • An event was held in Miami during the annual Global Diaspora Week celebration, organized by the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships. GDW is a week-long celebration of diaspora communities and their contributions to global development. The week of events is organized through the International diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA) partnership and fueled by diaspora organizations all over the world that are shining a spotlight on diaspora communities, their achievements, and the issues that are important to them. GDW 2015 boasted over 90 events worldwide; learn more here. (S/GP)
    • Foreign Ambassadors visit Florida as part of the Department’s “Experience America” partnership program. (S/CPR) More»

    • The Department of State facilitates the Florida National Guard State Partnership Program with the U.S. Virgin Islands founded in 2006. (PM) More»

    • The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) continues to partner with the Miami-Dade Police Department for police training programs on victim advocacy, advanced criminal investigations, basic bicycle patrol, tactical lifesaving and community policing. This year they have trained more than 40 officers from Guatemala and Jamaica in various topics. (INL) More»

    • The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) continues to partner with Broward County Sheriff’s Office to train Jamaican police officers on training topics including forensic photography, crime scene investigations, and shooting scene reconstruction. This year they have trained 30 officers. (INL) More»
    • Miami-Dade Schools Police Department provided a study tour and two trainings for Moroccan police officers to help Morocco formalize and standardize their current school resource officer program and develop policies and procedures. (INL) More»

    • Port of Miami and Miami-Dade Police Department partnered to host a study tour for officials from the Jamaican Constabulary Force Marine Division. (INL) More»

    • The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) partnered with the Orange County Jail and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to provide a study tour to Moroccan law enforcement officials. (INL) More»

    • In support of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) programs in Belize, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office supported training to establish a Field Training Officer program, which institutionalizes community policing concepts learned through a restructured police academy curriculum and carries out these concepts in practice. (INL) More»

    • The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) partnered with the Miami Police & Fire Departments in Miami, Florida to host a technical visit of 30 Brazilian police and firefighters. (INL) More»

    • The St. Petersburg College Regional Community Policing Institute in Florida has provided Basic and Advanced Community Policing training and Pennsylvania’s Temple University has provided Intelligence-led Policing training to Salvadoran police in support of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Model Police Precinct projects in Central America. (INL) More»

    • Under the Department of State’s U.S. Speaker Program, Isis Carbajal, deputy counsel for Florida International University, travelled to Ecuador as part of the 100,000 Strong U.S. Educational Exchange Program. In support of the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Initiative, Carbajal conducted workshops for university leaders throughout Ecuador on how to initiate and develop relationships and legal agreements with U.S. universities for a variety of exchange and cooperation programs such as exchanges for students or faculty, research collaborations, and English-language training for teachers. (IIP)  More»

  • Travel and Security

    • Total Passports Issued in Fiscal Year 2015: 914,532. (CA) More»

    • The Miami Passport Agency comprises 46 government employees and 33 contract employees. (CA) More»

    • Passport Application Acceptance Facilities: 260. (CA) More»

    • The Everglades National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (IO)

    • Number of overseas adoptions for Florida families in Fiscal Year 2014: 298. The Office of Children's Issues plays an active role in the intercountry adoption process. Its work is dedicated to assisting parents as they seek to provide a home to orphans abroad. (CA) More»

    • Diplomatic Security Miami Field Office: Diplomatic Security has offices throughout the United States staffed with special agents and contract investigators, who conduct criminal, counterterrorism and background investigations. Agents assigned to field and resident offices assist in providing support to the protection of the Secretary of State, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and visiting foreign dignitaries. Liaison with federal and local law enforcement, foreign mission personnel, local officials, and the private sector complements their major responsibilities. (DS) More»