Syrians Transition to Safety in Jordan

Anne C. Richard
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
January 29, 2013

Assistant Secretary Richard: I was glad to get a chance to get out of the capital and go up to the border with Syria. We went last night and we actually saw groups of families coming across the border from Syria, seeking safety in Jordan. And in the darkness of the evening to see whole families together, to see the kids staying up way too late, to see the worried looks on the parents was really quite affecting. And this morning we went to the Zaatari camp which as everyone knows had to be assembled very quickly and has required a great deal of short term investment, to find children there playing and happy and in a safe place was a tremendous thing. It shows what is possible when we put the resources behind it, when we put the investment in it. We can get those children who are traumatized and scared coming across that border at night to a very safe place where they can sing and they can be with each other and they can be well taken care of. What a lot of people don't know is how much the United States has been helping to make that transformation happen. We are the backbone of several of the organizations that provide help and we also fund places where there are gaps, where there is additional help needed, for people who need mental health need to recover or to protect women and girls from violence so I am convinced that the funding that Americans are putting into the crisis here is being well spent.