Women's History Month 2011: Victoria Ashley

Office of Civil Rights
March 1, 2011

Date: 03/01/2011 Description: Women's History Month 2011: Victoria Ashley - State Dept Image

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio and the granddaughter of immigrants, Victoria is the first person in her family to attend and graduate from college. She graduated from John Carroll University in 1983 with a BS/BA in accounting.

In her 30-year accounting career Victoria has worked in public accounting and part-time for a company while her children were young. She worked for 10 years with nonprofits where she also gained a good deal of development and grant management experience.

In 2006 Victoria was hired by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) as a financial analyst in the Public and Indian Housing area. She really liked her job and that move turned out to be the best career decision of her professional life, as it ultimately led her here. After 3 years at HUD and facing an empty nest as a single mom, Victoria decided she really wanted to leave Cleveland and relocate. With so many great federal opportunities, Victoria began to research a move to Washington, D.C. She was offered a position by Department of State in the Bureau of Resource Management where she learned a great deal about federal accounting and was the co-editor of the 2009 Department of State Agency Financial Report.

In April 2010 Victoria moved to the Office of the Inspector General and transferred to D.C. in August. The group works exclusively in the Middle East, a part of the world which she had almost no knowledge or experience.

Since then, Victoria has traveled on assignment to Egypt and Afghanistan. She is going to Jordan and Iraq next month. These are not places she ever imagined she would go. Victoria is completely fascinated by the area and by the work she will be doing, and the ever evolving work of the Department. Victoria is completely at home, happy, and challenged every day with learning a new culture and understanding US diplomacy.