2014 Comprehensive Annual Report on Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting Activities

December 12, 2014

The 2014 Comprehensive Annual Report on Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting Activities itemizes major public diplomacy and international broadcasting activities conducted by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). It is based on data collected from the BBG, every public diplomacy Bureau at the State Department, the six regional bureaus in the State Department, and Public Affairs Sections (PAS) at our U.S. embassies worldwide. In includes the cost per participant for 89 academic, professional, youth, cultural and sports programs; the cost and focus of PD activities at more than 180 embassies; in addition to the cost and programs for 74 international broadcasting services.

The information focuses mainly on FY13 actual funds spent, as it provided the most complete accounting of public diplomacy and broadcasting activity at the time this was compiled. In FY13, the State Department spent $602.4 million of public diplomacy funding and the BBG spent $713.3 million. Wherever possible, the report also reviews FY14 actual and planned spending, in addition to FY15 budget requests, strategies, and activities. We include 13 key findings and 35 recommendations, which can be found on pages 14-28.

This 2014 report is the result of the ACPD’s congressional reauthorization in 2013, which called for a “comprehensive report on public diplomacy and international broadcasting activities to Congress, the President, and the Secretary of State” that includes “a detailed list of all public diplomacy activities funded by the United States Government; a description of—the purpose, means, and geographic scope of each activity; when each activity was started; the amount of Federal funding expended on each activity; any significant outside sources of funding; and the Federal department or agency to which the activity belongs; the international broadcasting activities under the direction of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.” As the first iteration of this Comprehensive Annual Report and due to the ACPD’s very limited staffing and resources, this report is mainly a compilation and consolidation of program description and budget data to provide a benchmark for future reports. Wherever possible, we added analysis. Moving forward, the 2015 Comprehensive Annual Report will be delivered closer to the end of the FY15 and will provide a deeper treatment of worldwide activities. Executive Summary» Full Report»