1996 - A New Diplomacy for the Information Age

Commission Members:
Lewis Manilow, Chairman
William J. Hybl, Vice Chair
Walter R. Roberts
Pamela J. Turner
Harold C. Pachios
Maria Elena Torano
Charles H. Dolan, Jr.

Commission Staff:
Bruce Gregory, Staff Director
Mary Thompson-Jones, Deputy Staff Director
Betty Hayes, Administrative Officer
Deanna deMember, Staff Assistant


The Commission strongly recommended that the Administration and Congress rethink current arrangements and develop a New Diplomacy to for the Information Age and the worldwide increase in the power of foreign publics. This report makes separate recommendations for the White House, the State Department, the US Information Agency, USAID, Congress, NGOs, and the Defense Department. It also reiterates the importance of substantive rethinking and thoughtful bipartisan discussion on public diplomacy across multiple agencies.


The information revolution and the growing power of foreign publics are the foundations of a New Diplomacy. Together with the globalization of issues and the rapidly expanding reach of NGOs, they are fundamentally changing how the U.S. pursues its interests abroad.

Traditional diplomacy remains crucial as does military strength, adequate intelligence, and economic power.

View Full Report here: http://1997-2001.state.gov/www/policy/pdadcom/1996rep.html