February 1953 - Seventh Semiannual Report by the United States Advisory Commission on Information to the Congress


Commission Members:
Mark A. May, chairman
Erwin D. Canham
Philip D. Reed
Ben Hibbs
Justin Miller


The Commissioners recommended separating the International Information Administration (IIA) from the Department of State and placing it in a Cabinet-level agency, and establishing a permanent joint Congressional Committee on International Information. The report suggested for IIA to establish a more vigorous offensive, collect better information of the effectiveness of programs, and encourage more assistance from private organizations and individuals. The report also suggested having Congress authorize IIA to release information about its programs domestically.


During the past five years we have observed the efforts made by top officials of the information program to overcome internal resistances and misunderstandings of the Department of State. They have been hampered by established procedures and traditions developed for the purposes of political diplomacy and not for propaganda and information.

So long as the information program remains within the Department of State, at a subordinate level, staffed with personnel whose advancement depends upon conformance to departmental concepts and policies, Congress cannot hope for any real change.