March 1965 - Twentieth Report of the United States Advisory Commission on Information


Commission Members:
Frank Stanton, chairman
Sigurd S. Larmon
Dorothy B. Chandler
Clark Mollenhoff
M.S. Novik


This report reviewed the status of the previous Commission report’s recommendations, emphasized the need for an objectivity study of USIA’s 1964 US Election coverage, and proposed several recommendations for International Cooperation Year—1965.


In November 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson was elected to serve as president for the next four years. The Commission hopes that USIA will continue to serve the President as counselor on foreign public opinion. As the Administration’s policies and programs develop, USIA from its long experience can offer suggestions to the President for their effective presentations to foreign audiences. In implementing our national policies, USIA must generate imaginative and practical programs to promote the national interest.

Prior to the election of 1964, the Commission suggested that the Agency authorize a post-election study of USIA’s coverage and presentation of the election. Such a study would provide the present administrators of the Agency with an evaluation of its objectivity and of its ability to project to overseas audiences a balances account of the American election process.

USIA is also qualified to encourage and support the research and study of foreign attitudes toward international cooperation. This is an area in which USIA can assume leadership and help make 1965 not only a year of progress but one in which research on public attitudes towards international cooperation can be initiated in many parts of the world.