March 1962 - Seventeenth Report of the United States Advisory Commission on Information


Commission Members:
Mark A. May, chairman
Sigurd S. Larmon
Jonathan Daniels
J. Leonard Reinsch
Lewis W. Douglas


The Commission took an objective look at USIA and made several recommendations. According to the Commission, the position of USIA has improved within the US Government, yet many improvements in the career system and in the field can still be made. The Commission recommended that USIA address its policies on the assignment of personnel, offer better recruitment and training for junior officers, and improve its facilities and internal communication structure.


"The Agency should receive appropriations adequate to the needs of our times, provided there are people and programs ready to use the funds effectively and persuasively. This includes funds to meet current needs and challenges, as well as funds to provide trained people and expanded facilities for the clear voice when it speaks abroad."

"It should be realized that the effect of the information services on the course of events is never likely to be definitively conclusive. However, it can be expected to have an important influence. And on certain significant issues these services may be the decisive factors in producing a diplomatic success."

"Both in the Washington office and in the field, there is a need to diminish the quantity of output in favor of fewer and better items. The same criticism holds for use of media. Too many posts attempt to use all media rather than concentrating on those fewer media and programs best suited to the particular area."