September 1949 - Second Semiannual Report by the US Advisory Commission on Information to the Congress


Commission Members:
Mark Ethridge, chairman
Erwin D. Canham
Philip D. Reed
Mark A. May
Justin Miller


This Commission report marked progress in areas of broadcasting, medium-wave radio time, and film—as well as highlighted improvement in the integration of information operations into the overall policymaking agenda within the State Department. The report also emphasized that not enough money is being allocated for the information program. Finally, the report reiterated previous recommendations for broadening the program as speedily and effectively as possible by spending more than the previously allocated amount of $36,000,000 (particularly on efforts to counteract jamming).


"In its second semiannual report to Congress, the US Advisory Commission on Information records slow progress in getting the story of America to the world. However, the report shows that great adavnces have been made in integrating information operations into overll-all policy-making within the State Department."

"The importance of devoting adequate skills and financing to the basic research that is required in the field of information is important to the welfare of the American people."