February 1955 - Tenth Semiannual Report of the United States Advisory Commission on Information


Commission Members:
Mark A. May, chairman
Erwin D. Canham
Sigurd S. Larmon
Justin Miller
Philip D. Reed


The Commission recommended for Congress to appropriate the President’s requested amount ($88,500,000) for USIA’s work for 1956 and for Congress to establish a Joint Committee on International Information. The report also suggested that a personnel shift from Washington and Europe to underserved areas in Asia, Near East, and Far East regions would be useful. Chairman May reported on his survey of field operations in Bonn, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Rome, Naples, Beirut, Damascus, Tehran, Jerusalem, Athens, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo. His findings showed high morale of local personnel due to the President’s personal interest in the program and the improved management of USIA since its reorganization.


"The transfer of the International Broadcasting Service, popularly known as the ‘Voice of America’, from New York to more adequate quarters in Washington has made for both economy and efficiency. In making this and other changes in its radio operations and in expanding into television in a number of countries, the Agency has benefited from the counsel of its Broadcast Advisory Committee composed of 11 of the foremost executives in the industry."

"It should be kept in mind that the job of the USIA is long term. Our overseas information program is relatively new and the Commission is fully cognizant of the fact that many mistakes have been made. We believe, however, that the organization created in 1953 is an improvement over the previous organizations charged with this responsibility and that it is now time to give it stability in both staff and funds."