January 1952 - Fifth Report by the United States Advisory Commission on Information to the Congress


Commission Members:
Erwin D. Canham, Chairman
Philip D. Reed
Mark A. May
Ben Hibbs



This report called attention to the State Department’s decision to change the information program organizational structure and noted that the outcomes of these changes will be reviewed more closely and reported on in the future. The Commission also briefly updated on the activities of the four committees—the Radio Advisory Committee, the General Business Advisory Committee, the Press and Publications Advisory Committee, and the Film Advisory Committee.


"Our overall conclusion regarding the information program since our last report is that the program has increased considerably its effectiveness, but that constant and continuing effort will be required to achieve its full potential."

It is the intention of the Commission to continue to observe and advise the new International Information Administration of the State Department and, with the help of the members of its panels and other individuals having special competence in the information field, to assist in every way possible.