February 1954 - Ninth Semiannual Report of the United States Advisory Commission on Information

February 2, 1954


Commission Members:
Erwin D. Canham, Acting Chairman
Philip D. Reed
Ben Hibbs
Justin Miller



The Commission evaluated the first five months of the new US Information Agency and concluded that it was off to a good start. The Commissioners recommended that an open line of communication between USIA and the legislative branch should be established, that the exchange of persons program be transferred to USIA, and that USIA should enjoy greater freedom in managing its budget and personnel. The report also outlined staffing and training recommendations and recommended that there should be more ways to support American private industry and business at home and abroad.


"The new program is based on the belief that the ties that bind a voluntary coalition of friendly countries are their own common aspirations for peace—freedom of each to solve its own problems in its own way, to perpetuate its own culture, to hold its standards of value, and to maintain its own freedom on religion."

"Obviously, the ways and means must be found for establishing understanding and effective working relations between the Information Agency, Congress, and the executive branch. The Advisory Commission on Information stands ready to play such an intermediary role, as it may, in effecting this highly desirable end. Whether on a formal or informal basis, the Commission is ready to respond to requests or to take the initiative in establishing channels of communication and for working out methods for securing such understanding and cooperation."