February 1968 - Twenty-Third Report of the United States Advisory Commission on Information

February 14, 1968


Commission Members:
Frank Stanton, Chairman
Sigurd S. Larmon
M. S. Novik
Palmer Hoyt
Thomas Vail



This report focused on establishing new directions, dimensions, duties, and emphasis for a future agenda. The main topics were culture and education, exchange, libraries and information centers, indigenous organizations, representation, contracting out, foreign journalists, Voice of America, international exhibitions, and the reexamination of USIA. The Commission recommended that the overall assumptions of the USIA be reevaluated and posed several provocative questions for others to answer.


"USIA’s objective today must be to discern what aspects of America remain relevant to its new as well as its old audience around the globe."

"Should USIA have a hand in information dispersal for Government agencies beyond the Department of State? Should it play a role in the influence of policy as well as in its execution?"