2003 - Changing Minds, Winning Peace: A New Strategic Direction for US Public Diplomacy in the Arab & Muslim World


Commission Member

  • Harold C. Pachios

Non-Commission Members

  • Edward P. Djerejian, chairman
  • David M. Abshire
  • Stephen P. Cohen, PhD.
  • Diana Lady Dougan
  • Mamoun Fandy
  • James K. Glassman
  • Malik M. Hasan, MD
  • Farhad Kazemi, PhD
  • Judith Milestone
  • George R. Salem
  • Shibley Telhami, PhD
  • John Zogby
  • Christopher Ross
  • Nina Delorenzo

The Group recommended a new strategic direction for public diplomacy efforts that matches the U.S. approach to national defense. These recommendations include a new operating process incorporating structural changes to the organization of the White House, the National Security Council interagency process, and the State Department; a presidential directive to all relevant governmental agencies emphasizing the importance of public diplomacy in advancing U.S. interests; additional staff with language skills dedicated to issues of the Arab and Muslim world; programs in support of English language training; and the expansion of the American Corners program and a new initiative called the American Knowledge Library.