2004 - US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy Report


Commission Members

  • Barbara M. Barrett, chairman
  • Maria Sophia Aguirre
  • Tre Evers
  • Penne Korth Peacock
  • Elizabeth F. Bagley
  • Harold C. Pachios
  • Jay T. Snyder
  • Matt J. Lauer, Executive Director
  • Julianna Evett, research fellow

The Commission recommended increasing the number of government staff employed abroad and advocated for diplomacy practitioners to make better use of technology in public diplomacy outreach. The Commission recommended enhancing coordination between various bureaus and agencies on public diplomacy. The Commission also recommended funding American Centers and Libraries wherever security permits, creating a comprehensive educational and cultural exchanges alumni database, and reaching out to more English teachers overseas through exchange. Additionally, the Commission noted that simply expanding the audience is not enough and that international broadcasters should be able to show measurable impact. Finally, they recommended that the BBG continue its efforts to overcome jamming through different technologies.  Full Report (html)»