April 1951 - Fourth Semiannual Report by the United States Advisory Commission on Information to the Congress


Commission Members

  • Erwin D. Canham, chairman
  • Philip D. Reed
  • Mark A. May
  • Justin Miller


This report concluded that the information program is being effectively administered, that the personnel has greatly improved, and that most of the Commission’s previous recommendations have been put into effect. The Commission expressed concerns over whether taking the program outside of the State Department would be an improvement or a detriment to operation. It also recommended that the program should be expanded, better evaluated, and remain closely tied to the policy-making and public affairs areas of the State Department.


"The Commission is most gratified that its recommendations have been largely carried out."

"This Commission has always emphasized that it is far more important to spend well than it is to spend a lot."

"We are particularly gratified at the way in which the information program's personnel has been steadily improved. It takes a great deal of patriotic self-sacrifice for men and women who are highly-skilled and highly-paid professionals to leave their long-range posts and come into governmental service under conditions of uncertainty and often abuse which have prevailed in recent years. These people deserve the highest recognition and gratitude of their country."

"Sometimes policy is "made" by the junior officer who writes an original memorandum. Sometimes it is made by an unexpected utterance at a top-level press conference. But the information consequences of policy ought always be taken into account, and the information man ought always to be consulted."