2010 - Assessing US Public Diplomacy: A Notional Model

October 20, 2010


Commission Members

  • William "Bill" J. Hybl, chairman
  • Lyndon Olson, Jr., vice chair
  • Lezlee Westine
  • Jay T. Snyder
  • John E. Osborn
  • Penne Korth Peacock
  • David Firestein, Senior Advisor
  • Carl Chan, Executive Director
  • Gerald McLoughlin, Deputy Executive Director
  • Project Directed by Kenneth Matwiczak, PhD

The Commission recommended incorporating quantitative methods in evaluating the effectiveness of public diplomacy programs. A new framework (PD-MAP) is introduced, which allows an evaluator to quantify the results of PD programs and evaluate their success in three areas: 1) increasing the understanding of U.S. policy and culture; 2) increasing favorable opinion towards the U.S.; and 3) increasing the U.S.'s influence in the world.  Full Report (html)»