Transcript for November 2011 Meeting of the Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Press Conference
Los Angeles, CA
November 29, 2011


Commission Members present:
Mr. William J. Hybl, chairman
Amb. Lyndon Olson, vice chairman
Amb. Penne Peacock
Mr. Sim Farar
Ms. Anne Wedner

Staff Members present:
Matt Armstrong, Executive Director
LtCol. Cliff Gilmore, Senior Military Advisor to the Commission

*The following document and video were presented at the meeting and are available here to supplement the transcript and webcast of the meeting. The PowerPoint PDF may not be accessible to all readers.  Narratives Attachment: Their Uses and Limitations» was presented by RAND's Eric Larson.  His presentation begins on page 47 of the transcript. 

** The below video was presented at the meeting by Ambassador Richard LeBaron. His presentation of the video begins on page 60 of the transcript.