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Secretary Clinton announced on August 18, the establishment of the Pakistan Relief Fund for all to join in the tremendous relief, recovery and reconstruction effort following the devastating floods. To date, the Fund has raised over $600,000. For the inaugural disbursement of funds in late September, Proctor & Gamble generously matched the initial contributions with $500,000; the U.S. Government then matched that total, resulting in a $2 million effort and showcasing the impact of the private and public sectors working in concert for maximum impact. In the week of September 19, the first disbursement of the Fund and matching contributions was made, which purchased water purification kits. These kits include buckets and filtering cloths, which will generate 280 million liters of clean drinking water for 1.5 million people in desperate need. The remainder of the Fund’s holdings will be allocated shortly to contribute the recovery and reconstruction effort in Pakistan. As noted by Pakistan, the United States was the “first with the most” in response to the historic disaster; U.S. efforts to provide relief, recovery, and reconstruction in the wake of the floods continue today and will continue long into the future.

Future contributions support the recovery and reconstruction effort in Pakistan can be directed towards the following channels:

• Working with mGive, Americans are also contributing to Pakistan flood relief by texting the word “SWAT” to 50555. The text results in a donation of $10 to the UNHCR Pakistan Flood Relief Effort. Every $10 helps provide tents and emergency aid to displaced families.

• A list of humanitarian organizations that are accepting cash donations for flood response efforts in Pakistan can be found at Information about organizations responding to the humanitarian situation in Pakistan may be available at

• More information can be found at:


The Center for International Disaster Information: or (703) 276-1914

Secretary Clinton announced the establishment of the Pakistan Relief Fund. Created by the United States Government through the Department of State, the Fund serves as a mechanism for the public to contribute money to the ongoing efforts in Pakistan.

Aug. 19: Announcemnt of the Pakistan Relief Fund Full Text»

"Every dollar makes a difference.  $5 can buy 50 high energy bars providing much needed nutrition; $10 can provide a child or mother with a blanket; and about $40 can buy material to shelter a family of four."
                                                                                                                      – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

You can read more about the United States Government’s response to the flooding in Pakistan, including fact sheets, remarks, and multimedia, by visiting and

"The Pakistani people are friends and partners, and the United States is standing with them as the tragic human suffering from flooding continues—up to 20 million people have been affected. Americans have always shown great generosity to people facing crises worldwide. I urge you to join this effort and send much needed help to the people of Pakistan as they face substantial relief, recovery and reconstruction challenges. Your financial contribution will go towards providing shelter materials, food, clean water, and medical supplies to those in need."  
                                                                                                                      - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton