U.S.-Canada Border Crossings

Under Executive Order 11423, as amended, the Secretary of State has the authority to receive applications for and to issue Presidential permits for the construction, connection, operation, or maintenance of certain facilities at the borders of the United States with Canada and Mexico. Permits are required for the full range of facilities at the border, including land crossings, bridges, pipelines, tunnels, conveyor belts, and tramways. This authority applies to all new border crossings and to all substantial modifications of existing crossings at the international border.

The Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs receives permit applications for most facilities at the Canadian and Mexican borders, except:

If you plan to submit an application for a Presidential permit for Canada, please read a detailed description of the application process and contact us via e-mail at WHACANinternal@state.gov or via phone at 202-647-2185 or 202 647-3030. 

For related information, please see the Federal Highway Administration's Border Transportation Planning website.