Expanded Economic Opportunity

We are building economic opportunity from the ground up by supporting policies that broaden social opportunity and by ensuring that the benefits of growth and trade are more widely distributed, particularly among traditionally marginalized groups.

We promote open, market-based economies, and equity, by working to eliminate corruption, increase transparency, and strengthen property rights. Through such key initiatives as Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, we promote market access, regional integration and development, competitiveness, protection of environmental and labor rights, workforce development and entrepreneurial training, especially for traditionally excluded groups such as women, youth, indigenous, and Afro-descendant communities.

We are working with governments to help the most disadvantaged groups in our societies through such programs as secured transactions reform, microfinance, sustainable agriculture, and food security programs. By advancing higher education programs in the hemisphere, we promote economic opportunity for more youth and contribute to the continued increase in standards of living in the hemisphere.