Presidential Declaration of Pochomil

March 30, 2001

Pochomil, Nicaragua
March 30, 2001

Meeting at Pochomil, Municipality of San Rafael del Sur, Department of Managua, Republic of Nicaragua, the Presidents of the Republics of El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua held frank and fraternal discussions about concerns over recent differences between their countries. In order to promote fellowship, harmony, confidence, and to ease tensions between the three countries, the Presidents agreed to:

  1. Reiterate their peaceable intentions by reaffirming their commitment not to engage in an arms race, and affirm their commitment to combat poverty and underdevelopment, the only enemies of the three countries;

  2. Recognize that dialogue, as well as the procedures established by diplomacy and international law, are the only valid mechanisms for resolving disputes of any kind;

  3. Emphasize that the consolidation of democracy, peace, and security in the region is inextricably linked to commitments adopted with respect to maintaining a reasonable balance of military power and effective compliance with confidence-building measures, in the form of verifying, controlling, and limiting arms;

  4. Reaffirm the commitments that were adopted at the last meeting of the Committee on Central American Security, and, at the next meeting, which will be held in San Salvador on April 4, 2001, immediately seek to:

  1. Define the development and implementation of a permanent mechanism for consultation, to be used by the civil and military authorities of the three countries, that will permit the expeditious exchange of information on issues of common interest, particularly those related to the confidence-building measures agreed on regionally and bilaterally;

  2. Disclose inventories of naval, air, ground, and public security assets, as well as the budgets and the makeup of their military institutions, their organization, installations, mat�riel and equipment, in a way that is complete, transparent, and verifiable;

  3. Define the terms of reference for notifying the other States parties, in writing, through diplomatic channels, at least 30 days in advance of any maneuver, movement, exercise, or other non-administrative military operation;

  4. Invite the States parties to observe the maneuvers mentioned in the previous paragraph; and

  5. Define the methodology for establishing a reasonable balance of military power.

    1. Nicaragua and Honduras reaffirm their full intention to comply with all of the agreements reached in the presence of Ambassador Luigi Einaudi, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, at Miami on December 30, 1999, and San Salvador on February 7, 2000, as well as in the Memorandum of Understanding of March 7, 2000, and the Technical Verification Agreement at Washington on March 16, 2001.

    2. Nicaragua and Honduras undertake to offer all the facilities and cooperation necessary for the international verification and observation that will be carried out in situ by technical experts, with the help of the Organization of American States, in response to a request that the Deputy Foreign Ministers of both countries made to Dr. C�sar Gaviria, Secretary General of the OAS, on March 16, 2001. The two countries also urge OAS Member States and Observers in particular, and the international community in general, to support this initiative.

    3. Nicaragua and Honduras reaffirm their commitment to apprise the Secretary General of the OAS before April 15, 2001, of the implementation of the confidence- and security-building measures that were agreed on at the Santiago (1995) and San Salvador (1998) Regional Conferences, and those established under the Framework Treaty on Democratic Security in Central America.

    4. Motivated by the spirit of the Pochomil meeting, the goal of which has been to promote fellowship, harmony, and confidence between our three nations, the Presidents agree to meet at Choluteca, in the Republic of Honduras, next May.

    The Presidents of El Salvador and Honduras expressed their appreciation for the invitation extended by the President of Nicaragua to attend this meeting, and thanked the Nicaraguan people and their government for their hospitality and kindness, which contributed to the success of this meeting.

    At Pochomil, Municipality of San Rafael del Sur, Department of Managua, Nicaragua, on March 30, 2001.


    Francisco Flores P�rez
    President of El Salvador


    Carlos R. Flores F.
    President of Honduras


    Arnoldo Alem�n Lacayo
    President of Nicaragua