AG/RES. 2054 (XXXIV-O/04): The Americas As A Zone Of Peace And Cooperation

June 8, 2004

(Adopted at the fourth plenary session held on June 8, 2004)


BEARING IN MIND that, according to Article 2 of the Charter of the Organization of American States, one of the essential purposes of the Organization is to strengthen peace and security in the Hemisphere;


That zones of peace contribute to the effective promotion of peace, security, and cooperation in the Americas, as recognized in United Nations General Assembly resolution 57/13 of November 2000 and OAS General Assembly resolution AG/RES. 1969 (XXXIII-O/03); and

That "[p]eace is a value and a principle in itself, based on democracy, justice, respect for human rights, solidarity, security, and respect for international law" and that "[o]ur security architecture will help preserve it through the strengthening of cooperation mechanisms among our states to address the traditional threats and the new threats, concerns, and other challenges facing our Hemisphere";

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that peace is a value in itself and that cooperation should be based on lasting commitments that enhance a climate of trust and security to foster the development and comprehensive well-being of peoples, for the benefit of the region as a whole;

SUPPORTING the promotion and establishment of zones of peace at the bilateral or subregional level among member states;

REAFFIRMING that, in the Declaration on Security in the Americas, adopted at the Special Conference on Security, in Mexico City in October 2003, the member states considered "that zones of peace and cooperation contribute to peace, security, and cooperation in the Hemisphere" and therefore declared their support for "the creation of zones of peace at the bilateral or subregional level by member states"; and

NOTING WITH SATISFACTION the regional initiatives set out in the Andean Peace, Security and Cooperation Commitment contained in the Declaration of Galapagos, of December 1989, the Declaration of Puntarenas of 1990, declaring Central America to be a region of peace, freedom, democracy, and development, the Declaration of MERCOSUR, Bolivia, and Chile as a Zone of Peace, signed in Ushuaia, Argentina, in July 1998; the commitment undertaken in the Brasilia Communiqu� during the First Meeting of the Presidents of South America, on September 1, 2000; the Lima Commitment, established in the Andean Charter for Peace and Security, signed on June 17, 2002; and the Consensus of Guayaquil, Ecuador, of July 2002, in which the South American presidents, inspired by the vocation to attain a peaceful coexistence, declared South America to be a Zone of Peace and Cooperation,


1. To reaffirm the content and aims of resolution AG/RES. 1969 (XXXIII-O/03), "Recognition of the South American Zone of Peace and Cooperation," in particular the expressed commitment of the Organization of American States to contribute effectively to initiatives carried out at the regional and subregional levels to strengthen peace and security.

2. To request the Permanent Council to continue to consider, within the Committee on Hemispheric Security, the topic of zones of peace and cooperation in the region, which will help to consolidate confidence-building measures in the various fields of defense and security and promote fruitful hemispheric cooperation; and to report on this matter to the General Assembly at its next regular session.

3. To continue to support the establishment of zones of peace and security at the bilateral and subregional levels among member states.