AG/RES. 2447 (XXXIX-O/09) Confidence- and Security-Building in the Americas

Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
June 4, 2009

Organization of American States
(Adopted at the fourth plenary session, held on June 4, 2009)


HAVING SEEN the Annual Report of the Permanent Council to the General Assembly, in particular the section on the activities of the Committee on Hemispheric Security (CSH) (AG/doc.4992/09 add. 1);

BEARING IN MIND that in the Declaration on Security in the Americas the member states affirmed that “[c]onfidence- and security-building measures and transparency in defense and security policies contribute to increasing stability, safeguarding hemispheric and international peace and security, and consolidating democracy,” and recommended that the CSH meet periodically as the “Forum for Confidence- and Security-Building Measures” in order to review and evaluate existing confidence- and security-building measures and, if appropriate, consider new measures that would make it possible to ensure progress in this area;

CONSIDERING that, in the Plan of Action of the Third Summit of the Americas, held in Quebec City, the Heads of State and Government declared that they would strive to improve the transparency and accountability of defense and security institutions and promote greater understanding and cooperation among government agencies involved in security and defense issues, through such means as increased sharing of defense policy and doctrine papers and personnel and information exchanges, including improving transparency in arms acquisitions;

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that resolutions AG/RES. 2398 (XXXVIII-O/08) and AG/RES. 2270 (XXXVII-O/07), “Confidence- and Security-Building in the Americas,” contain a series of recommendations and mandates directed at the member states and the General Secretariat that are still in force; and

TAKING NOTE of the recommendations contained in the Declaration of Santiago and the Declaration of San Salvador on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures and in the Consensus of Miami: Declaration by the Experts on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures: Recommendations to the Summit-Mandated Special Conference on Security,


1. To call upon all member states to furnish information to the General Secretariat on the application of the Consolidated List of Confidence- and Security-Building Measures, in accordance with document CP/CSH-1043/08 rev. 1, “Consolidated List of Confidence- and Security-Building Measures for Reporting according to OAS Resolutions,” by July 15 of each year.

2. To instruct the Permanent Council to convene the Fourth Meeting of the Forum on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures for the last quarter of 2010, to examine the application of confidence- and security-building measures throughout the region and consider next steps.

3. To reaffirm the goal of participation by all member states, by 2010, in the United Nations (UN) Register of Conventional Arms and the UN Standardized International Reporting of Military Expenditures; and to renew its request that member states provide said information to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States by July 15 of each year.

4. To request the General Secretariat to update the Roster of Experts on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures every year, on the basis of the information supplied by the member states by July 1 each year, and to distribute the new roster to member states by July 30 of each year.

5. To request the Secretary General to forward this resolution to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Secretary General of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the Association of South-East Asian Nations Regional Forum (ARF), and other pertinent regional organizations.

6. To request the Permanent Council and the General Secretariat to report to the General Assembly at its fortieth and forty-first regular sessions on the implementation of this resolution, the execution of which shall be subject to the availability of financial resources in the program-budget of the Organization and other resources.