AG/RES. 2525 (XXXIX-O/09) Fund for Peace: Peaceful Settlement of Territorial Disputes

Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
June 4, 2009

Organization of American States
(Adopted at the fourth plenary session, held on June 4, 2009)


RECALLING resolution AG/RES. 1756 (XXX-O/00), “Fund for Peace: Peaceful Settlement of Territorial Disputes,” through which a specific fund was established to provide member states that so request with financial resources to assist with defraying the costs of proceedings previously agreed to by the parties for the peaceful settlement of territorial disputes among member states;


The annual report of the General Secretariat to the Permanent Council (CP/doc.4374/09), presented pursuant to resolution CP/RES. 781 (1257/00), on the Fund for Peace: Peaceful Settlement of Territorial Disputes (Peace Fund); and

The section of the Annual Report of the Secretary General on the activities of the Peace Fund for the period 2008-2009; and


That strengthening peace and security, preventing conflicts, and peacefully settling disputes are among the essential purposes of the Organization of American States, as established in its founding Charter; and

That border and territorial disputes can be a contentious and unnecessary barrier to economic and social development and that they regularly frustrate trade, environmental protection, security, and law enforcement,


1. To instruct the Secretary General to continue to promote the raising and mobilization of funds from member states, permanent observers, other states, international financial institutions, national and international organizations, and other entities and donors for the financing of the Fund for Peace: Peaceful Settlement of Territorial Disputes (Peace Fund).

2. To encourage the member states to use the Peace Fund as an effective financial tool for peacefully settling disputes through mechanisms envisaged in the Charter of the Organization of American States, such as direct negotiation, good offices, mediation, investigation, and conciliation.

3. To request the General Secretariat to continue to strengthen its knowledge and experience in the pacific settlement of territorial disputes through the Secretariat for Political Affairs, under which the Peace Fund is administered pursuant to CP/RES. 781 (1257/00).

4. To recognize the Inter-American Peace Forum, which operates under the Peace Fund, for its contribution to the promotion of a culture of peace in the member states.