Partnership for Prosperity

PARTNERSHIP FOR PROSPERITY logoJoint Statement Between The United States Of America And The United Mexican States, September 6, 2001, Washington, DC

Vision Statement
The relationship between the United States and Mexico has never been stronger. Among our many ties is a common vision. As Presidents Fox and Bush have put it:

"Among our highest priorities is unfettering the economic potential of every citizen, so each may contribute fully to narrowing the economic gaps between and within our societies."

President George W. Bush
and President Vicente Fox
February 16, 2001

Mission Statement

"To help address some of the root causes of migration, [President Fox and President Bush] agreed to form a public-private alliance to spur private sector growth throughout Mexico. This '' initiative will harness the power of free markets to boost the social and economic well being of citizens particularly in regions where economic growth has lagged and fueled migration. The development of this alliance will be spearheaded by senior-level coordinators on both sides, and will draw on the best expertise among Mexican and U.S. economists, business people and civil society to develop a concrete plan of action to be presented to the Presidents not later than March 1, 2002."