U.S. Trade With India

Timothy Roemer
U.S. Ambassador to India
U.S. Aerospace and Defense Industry Conference
Bangalore, India
February 9, 2011

Reuters Soundbite

AMBASSADOR ROEMER: It is very significant for future business, opportunities, trade. It does not sacrifice national security. In fact Secretary Gates gave a speech back in April last year on this topic talking about how this would better our process, improve our process to keep the most dangerous technologies away from the dangerous hands and still enhance and entice more trade between our two countries.

AMBASSADOR ROEMER: When an arms sale is done to a particular country, we are adamant that those arms are used in a particular way. I want to assure you that United States Congress, when there are arms sale to Pakistan that are intended for counter-terrorism issues, our Congress is very vigilant, very determined and very tenacious to oversee that that's what those weapons will be used for.

AMBASSADOR ROEMER: We are hopeful, we are optimistic that India recognizes this superior technology, put on super Hercules, super Viper, super Hornets and we hope to continue to make sales that will make India safer, that will make India more modernized and will continue to show the global relationship that the United States and India has.