Security Situation in Pakistan

Press Conference
Richard Holbrooke
Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan 
Karachi, Pakistan
August 19, 2009

Excerpt from AP video from Special Representative Holbrooke's press conference.

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE HOLBROOKE: It is a different kind of war with a different kind of enemy, an enemy that straddles the border of both countries and poses equal threats to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States. We have a common enemy and a common task and a common challenge. And we are absolutely pleased at the success of the Pakistani army has had in Swat and Buner and elsewhere in recent weeks and we are deeply impressed with the return of so many refugees so quickly. Nobody expected two months ago that so many refugees would go home so quickly. So we will continue to make efforts to succeed in Afghanistan, we have made a lot of progress lately in both Afghanistan and Pakistan but as I said we recognize that a purely military solution is neither likely nor necessary. And so in her speech on July 15th in Washington the Secretary of State said that she recognized that the majority of the people fighting with the Taliban are not committed to an ideological cause, they fight for other reasons, for a gun or money or because they don't have a job or for an injustice committed against them by, perhaps some corrupt policeman.