Remarks on South and Central Asia Security Issues

Richard Holbrooke
Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan 
New Delhi, India
April 8, 2009


Special Envoy Holbrooke: What's happened in Swat has stunned the people of...many of the people of Pakistan. The events in Lahore, with the cricket team and the attack on the police station have further raised concerns and I think everyone here in this part of the world ,should recognise what's happening. For the first time since partition, India, Pakistan and the United States face a common threat and a common challenge and we have a common task.

But now that we face a common threat, we must work together and in the centre of that area is Pakistan and we are working intensively with our friends in Pakistan to achieve a common goal. That is what we are doing. We know it's going to be difficult, but the national security interests of all three countries are clearly at stake. The administration which we represent is committed to this. We are going to do it, but it's going to be difficult.


On Baitullah Mehsud - he is a terrible man, a great danger to Pakistan, to Afghanistan. Admiral Mullen and I met with some members of the National Assembly and one of them told us that she knew for a fact in Afghanistan that he had been in her province in the south. His threats against the US are not backed up by events - there's no connection between him and what happened in New York State, but he is as bad as any other bad actor in a very dangerous region.