Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to IAEA MacManus Over Iran's Plans to Launch a New Heavy Water Reactor

Washington, DC
June 6, 2013

Reuter's Soundbites

U.S Ambassador MacManus: "What changes from month to month and year to year is the Iranian nuclear programme. What does not change is Iran's decision not to comply with the safeguard requirements that other countries comply with day in and day out."

U.S Ambassador MacManus: "Two questions that have been raised that are most central I think to today's discussion - that is beyond history, the sad history of this, of Iran's compliance or non-compliance in IAEA - are lack of access to Parchin and the dramatic changes that have taken place in Parchin. People will refer to and I think that you've seen reporting on this - the paving over of large sections of that particular site at Parchin that is of interest of the IAEA. If no visitors are allowed it's questionable why anyone needs to complete the parking lot. It's unclear what these activities are meant to prove. The other is, of course, progress on the IR-40 reactor at Arak and the failure of Iran to provide detailed design information which is a basic requirement that it should follow especially with a reactor that it intends to have part of its civil nuclear power program."

U.S Ambassador MacManus: "Any country that would engage in building and then maintaining a heavy water reactor understands that there is a complex list of responsibilities to go with it. At the very start that is providing design information to IAEA."