Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey on Saddam Hussein and Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq
December 6, 2011

APTN Soundbites:

Ambassador Jeffrey (Dec. 6): "Well, finally we decided on a more active direct policy which was to topple him and to set up a government that would restore peace at home, not threaten its neighbors, introduce a democratic system and get the economy moving again without the burden of sanctions and that's what Iraq has basically achieved with our help in the last eight years, so I consider this a success."

"The psychological effect of the various actors here, that's a different thing. There, various people may mistake the withdrawal of American forces with a withdrawal of American interest or commitment to this country. That's why Vice President Biden came out here, that's why the President has invited Prime Minister Maliki and Prime Minister Maliki has accepted a visit to Washington, that's why we are shifting ad reinforcing some of military presence in the region. That's why we are going to have broad security relationship with the Iraqis to try to compensate for this psychological concern that some of our friends have here."