U.S. Embassy in Libya Re-opens

Gene Cretz
Ambassador to Libya
Tripoli, Libya
September 22, 2011

Reuters soundbites

Ambassador Cretz (Sept. 22); "Your actions and success to overthrow the chains of dictatorship and repression and establish a system that provides freedoms and rights for all citizens is an inspiration to people around the world."

"We urge the international community at every level to recognise that (Muammar) Gaddafi had lost all legitimacy and must step down. We provided over 85 million U.S. dollars worth of assistance including humanitarian aid, uniforms and non-lethal military equipment and de-mining and civil society programmes."

"You know, there are - there still is some stubborn resistance as you mentioned in the Bani Walid and perhaps in Sirte as well but look, I think it's a question of time as well before (Muammar) Gaddafi and his remaining loyalists are, you know, their resistance is finished off. I'm one of the optimistic ones."