Pledging Conference in Support of Iraq

On July 20, the United States will join with Canada, Germany and Japan to co-host a Pledging Conference in Washington, DC, in Support of Iraq. The reports from Fallujah in recent days on the grave humanitarian situation for those displaced, as Iraqi Security Forces continue their successes against ISIL in the city, are just the most recent reminder of the human toll this conflict has had on vulnerable civilians. It also reinforces the urgent need for the international community to continue to support humanitarian, stabilization, and demining efforts in Iraq.

While ISIL has suffered continued defeats on the battlefield, we are now at a critical juncture. Iraq needs the international community’s support to provide desperately needed humanitarian support such as food, water, and shelter for those in need and to assist in the return of displaced families back to liberated areas as quickly as possible.

While the Counter ISIL Coalition remains focused on defeating ISIL on the battlefield, the international community must have equal focus on what comes next. Reconciliation and long-term peace are simply not possible until Iraq’s acute humanitarian crisis is alleviated, people can return to their homes safely, with access to basic services, healthcare, and education, and with at least a modest hope for prosperity.

To help address these challenges, pledges from international donors will support four “critical need” baskets in Iraq: humanitarian assistance, demining, and the UNDP’s Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS) and the Funding Facility for Expanded Stabilization (FFES), which was recently established by the UN for longer term projects in liberated areas.

We believe that this Pledging Conference provides a unique and important opportunity for the international community to assist in remedying the harm caused by ISIL and to show solidarity with the people of Iraq as they work to rebuild their nation.