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Date: 11/28/2011 Location: Washington, DC Description: U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Annual Meeting, November 28, 2011, Washington, DC. - State Dept Image
U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Annual Meeting, November 28, 2011, Washington, D.C.
(U.S. National Commission for UNESCO)

U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
The National Commission will be comprised of up to 100 members appointed by the Secretary of State. There can be up to 60 representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), 10 United States Government officials, 15 representatives of the interests of state and local governments, and up to 15 individuals at large.

NGO Members: Organization (Representative)

  1. American Architectural Foundation (Ron Bogle)
  2. American Association for the Advancement of Science (Tom Wang)
  3. American Association of Engineering Societies (Russel Jones)
  4. American Chamber of Commerce in France (Marina Niforos)
  5. American Chemical Society (HN Cheng)
  6. American Geological Institute (Patrick Leahy)
  7. American Jewish Committee (Felice Gaer)
  8. American Jewish International Relationa Institute (Sharon Wilkes)
  9. American Library Association (Clara Chu)
  10. American Society of Civil Engineers (Randall Over)
  11. Americans for the Arts (Marete Wester)
  12. Americans for UNESCO (Melinda Kimble)
  13. ArtMiles (Joanne Tawfilis)
  14. California Colleges for International Education (Andrea Serban)
  15. Children's Health Fund (Irwin Redlener)
  16. Destination Stewardship Center (Jonathan Tourtellot)
  17. Geological Society of America (Jack Hess)
  18. Hewlett Foundation (Barbara Chow)
  19. Huntington Library (Steve Koblik)
  20. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA (Gordon Day)
  21. Institute of International Education (Rajika Bhandari)
  22. International Institute of Wisconsin (Alexander Durkta)
  23. International Research & Exchanges Board (Bob Pearson)
  24. Learning Disabilities Association of America (Ann Kornblet)
  25. NAFSA Association of Inernational Educators (Marlene Johnson)
  26. National Academy of Sciences (Kathie Bailey)
  27. National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (Pam Breaux)
  28. National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (Sally Johnstone)
  29. National Geographic (Chris Thornton)
  30. National Trust for Historic Preservation (Katherine Slick)
  31. New York State Commission on National Community Service (Susan Stern)
  32. Newseum (Cathy Trost)
  33. Ottaway Foundation (David Ottaway)
  34. ProLiteracy (Peter Waite)
  35. Rotary Club of Tumon Bay (Brian McDermott)
  36. S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace (Sara Ehrman)
  37. Santa Fe Opera (Andrea Fellows Walters)
  38. Seattle International Film Festival (Sheree Wen)
  39. Spectacle Learning Media (Jean Bernard)
  40. Thelonius Monk Institute for Jazz (Tom Carter)
  41. U.S. International Council on Monuments and Sites (Jan Anderson)
  42. UN Foundation (Susan Myers)
  43. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Peter Fredlake)
  44. University of Iowa International Writing Program (Christopher Merrill)
  45. Urban Strategies (Adi Baron)
  46. US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Marc DeCourcey)
  47. US Green Business Council (Bryan Howard)
  48. Virginia Literacy Foundation (Mark Emblidge)
  49. Washington Performing Arts (Shay Stephens)

Federal Members

  1. Chisara Asomugha, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  2. Eva Caldera, National Endowment for the Humanities
  3. aFrances Colon, U.S. Department of State, Deputy Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State
  4. Kelly Craighead-Mullen, National Travel & Tourism Office
  5. John Fowler, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
  6. Maria Kouroupas, U.S. Department of State, Educational and Cultural Affairs
  7. Stephen Morris, Office of International Affairs National Park Service
  8. Meg Phillips, National Archives and Records Administration
  9. Bob Pietrowsky, Army Corps of Engineers - ICIWaRM Category 2 Center
  10. Lauren Wenzel, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

State/Local Members

  1. Patrick Mendis, George Mason University
  2. Phyllis Magrab, Georgetown University
  3. Mary Futrell, GW University
  4. Richard Meganck, Oregon State University
  5. Mary Hammond, Paducah Convention and Visitors Board
  6. Leonard Harris, Purdue University
  7. Mark Brennan, The Pennsylvania State University
  8. Marney Murphy, Three Rivers Middle School, ASPNet School
  9. Dan Wagner, University of Pennsylvania

At-Large Members

  1.  Kit Dobelle, Boston, MA
  2. Tina Flournoy, New York, NY
  3. Carol Hamilton, Los Angeles, CA
  4. Bobbie Greene McCarthy, Washington, DC
  5. Linda Moore, Washington, DC
  6. Miriam Nisbet, Washington, DC
  7. Daniel Obst, New York, NY
  8. Marguerite Sullivan, Washington, DC
  9. Robin Tauck, Weston, CT
  10. Andre Varchaver, Washington, DC
  11. Maggie Williams, Westerly, RI
  12. Alex Wirth, Washington, DC