U.S. Vote at UNESCO on Palestinian Membership

U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO David Killion
Paris, France
October 31, 2011

Reuters Soundbite:

U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO David Killion (Oct. 31): "The United States of America: no ... However, we recognize that this action today will complicate our ability to support UNESCO's programs. There are other ways of promoting the cause of the Palestinian people that would not have involved seeking premature membership at UNESCO. We sincerely regret that the strenous and well-intentioned efforts of many delegations to avoid this result fell short. The United States has been very clear about the need for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the only path to the Palestinian state that we all seek is through direct negotiations. There are no short cuts and we believe efforts such as the one we have witnessed today are counter-productive."