Remarks on Libya at a Security Council Stakeout

Rosemary A. DiCarlo
Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations 
New York City
February 22, 2011

As Delivered

The United States strongly supports the statement just read by the President of the Security Council. Today, the international community has said in one clear and unified voice that it condemns the violence against civilians in Libya, that the violence must cease immediately, and that the government of Libya must exercise restraint and protect the rights of its people.

As we have made clear repeatedly over the course of the last several weeks, the United States will stand up in support of the legitimate aspirations and universal rights of people everywhere. We believe that governments must respect these rights, including the right to assemble peacefully, to protest, to speak, and to form political organizations.

Our prayers are with those who have suffered and lost loved ones in the violence. We hope today’s Security Council action will help bring an immediate end to this unacceptable situation.

Thank you.