Proposal 047.Rev 1

February 8, 2009

Amendment to proposal 03


Proposal of a general nature






International law in the field of trade in services. WTO–UPU relations



Conscious of the influence that developments in the World Trade Organization will continue to have on postal policy making within the UPU and at the national level,



of the fact that certain rules in the field of trade in services within the WTO may already apply to postal services in so far as such services are not provided in the exercise of governmental authority as laid down in article I.3 of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS),


Noting that services negotiations under the Doha Development Agenda have incorporated discussions on new rules that could relate to postal services, and that the outcome of such discussions may be reflected in the final text of the agreement,


Acknowledging that cooperation between the UPU and the WTO is beneficial to ensure coherence between their activities, and that, to this end, the UPU became an ad hoc observer of the WTO Council for Trade in Services (CTS) in April 2006,



  • of the need for the Union to inform its member countries of the implications of World Trade Organization agreements on the postal sector, both at national and international levels;
  • of the benefit of harmonizing the interests of the postal sector with applicable rules of other international organizations,




Instructs the Council of Administration, in conjunction with the International Bureau, and in the context of the UPU's ad hoc observer status in the CTS, to:



  • monitor developments in the WTO service negotiations under the Doha Round relating to postal services and keep Union members informed of developments in this field;
  • provide information, as appropriate, to UPU members concerning compatibility between the rules of the Union and those of the World Trade Organization.


Reasons. – This proposal puts forward amendments of a technical nature aimed at clarifying the content of Congress proposal 03. The amendments clarify that the primary objective of the WTO Issues Project Group was to inform UPU members on developments in the WTO services negotiations and on WTO rules. The amendments also clarify the relationship between the WTO and UPU through the recognition of the UPU's status as ad hoc observer of the WTO Council for Trade in Services. The intent of this proposal is to build upon Bucharest Congress resolution C 70/2004 and continue the work of the WTO Issues Project Group under the Council of Administration.