About the Transatlantic Economic Council


Created by a joint framework for advancing transatlantic economic cooperation, the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) is the primary plenary forum for economic dialogue between the United States and the European Union. The TEC works to facilitate agreement on a wide range of economically important issues managed through its Current Workplan. Meeting at least once per year, the co-chairs of the TEC – White House Deputy National Special Advisor for International Economic Affairs and European Commission Vice President for Trade – promote dialogue and agreement to further integrate the transatlantic economies. Across a spectrum of interrelated issues, the TEC seeks to eliminate trade barriers, implement best practices, harmonize standards, and develop market access.


Following the 2007 U.S.-EU Summit, a Declaration on Enhancing Transatlantic Economic Integration and Growth laid the foundation for a growth driven agenda of cooperative dialogue. Since then, the TEC has built upon the historical and on-going transatlantic economic integration to identify new areas of cooperation.