Cooperative Security

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and with it the Partnership for Peace (PfP), remains the pillar of European security. The United States will work with Alliance members and partners in Northern Europe to strengthen regional security. We will continue our strong security and defense cooperation bilaterally and through NATO/PfP. This agenda includes counterterrorism cooperation, control of the spread of weapons of mass destruction, border security, regional European challenges, and new threats. The United States and these nations can together cooperate with Membership Action Plan (MAP) nations and other PFP states, including those in the Caucasus and Central Asia, in order to increase stability and security throughout Europe and Eurasia. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is a valuable forum for this extended cooperation, both in terms of the OSCE's security dimension (including the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe) and in terms of the OSCE's capabilities in institution building (particularly in the development of legal systems and law enforcement).