Remarks After Meeting With President Anastasiades

Victoria Nuland
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
Nicosia, Cyprus
April 20, 2016

Hello everybody. I am very happy to be back in Cyprus. I think you know how strongly the United States supports the work that is being done on both sides of the island towards a settlement. I had a very good meeting with President Anastasiades just now. He gave a very encouraging report on last night’s leader’s meeting. It is clear that progress is being made to take the agreements that the leaders are making and bring them together and consolidate them.

As we always do, we also talked about U.S.-Cyprus bilateral relations. I congratulated the President on the fact that Cyprus is preparing now to exit its IMF program. We also noted that U.S. investment in Cyprus is up seven fold over the last two years—a lot of excitement and energy about what is happening here. And we talked about security relations and regional relations as well.

A very good meeting here today and I look forward to seeing Mr. Akinci as well.

Nice to see you. Thank you.